How to Read a Prescription and Insert the Values when ordering?

Once you have selected the frame and lenses option for your purchase, you will be required to enter your frame prescription. Please find a guide on prescription below.

A prescription is usually written in the following format :

RE or OD is the right eye

LE or OS is the left eye

The standard format for a prescription is :

RE or LE :  Sphere Value / Cylindrical  Value x Axis

Sphere value :

  • a plus sign or minus sign or Plano/ infinity sign is mandatory . Plano/ infinity has a value of zero
  • The sphere value range is usually between + 20.00 and -20.00 , in 0.25 steps. Example -2.25,-2.50,-2.75 etc
  • The cyl value range is usually between +6.00 and -6.00 , in 0.25 steps .
  • The axis range from 0 to 180 degrees . 0 and 180 have the same value in magnitude

A prescription can have either :

( A) A spherical value only

The unit of measure of spherical values is DS ( Dioptres Sphere) . In some prescriptions, the sphere value is followed by DS  or SPH


( B ) A spherical value, a cylindrical value and an axis

Prescription having only sphere values :

RE or LE : ( + or – ) Sphere Value

Prescription with sphere and Cyl values :

RE or LE : ( + or – ) Sphere Value / (+ or – ) CylValue / Axis ( Value between 0 to 180)


  • Please scan it and e mail it to us. Else you may send us a picture of the prescription.  We will get back to,you after reading/ examining the prescription
  • You can input the values . We will send you an e-mail  to request for re-confirmation as a cross check and also to ensure that there are no misunderstanding.