Seven signs you need new glasses

For many people who wear glasses, it’s tough to get rid of that old pair you love so much. You’ve had them for so long, they’re part of your personality. People know you by your glasses!

As tough as it is to let go, there comes a time when it just has to be done. So, how can you tell when you should give in and get yourself a new pair of glasses? Read on for seven signs that it might be time.

You’re getting headaches

Even though your vision may seem just fine with your old glasses, out-of-date prescriptions may cause eye strain, which can lead to headaches. If you’ve been experiencing an uptick in headaches recently, the best remedy may actually be new glasses.

You’re squinting

People squint in order to better focus their eyes and reduce the amount of light entering them. Unless it’s unusually bright, you shouldn’t need to squint if your glasses are working correctly. Squinting could be a sign that you need a new prescription.

Your glasses are scratched

Even if dings, scuffs, and scratches seem unobtrusive, they could be affecting your vision in ways you aren’t consciously aware of, which could lead to eye strain. If your lenses are scuffed or scratched, your best bet is to get a new pair. Crizal® lenses are glare, scratch, and smudge resistant to give you the clearest vision possible.

You’re having trouble cleaning your glasses

Some glasses are treated with special coatings that can break down over time, leaving a film that makes your glasses difficult to clean or even blurry.

Your glasses are outdated

Just as features like UV protection and glare reduction were once a pipe dream, new technologies are constantly being developed to make your glasses better. If your glasses are old, there may be new innovations that can enhance your vision and make the experience of wearing glasses even better. For example, Eyezen™ lenses help reduce digital eye strain and help protect your eyes from Harmful Blue Light. 

Your glasses are out of fashion

When it comes to glasses, technology and fashion go hand-in-hand. Newly developed manufacturing techniques and materials are constantly changing fashion—and affordability. Many people wear styles they had to settle for because the style they really wanted was too expensive at the time. But what cost a pretty penny years ago may now fit your budget, allowing you to finally get the look you always wanted.

It’s been a year

It’s recommended that everyone get a comprehensive eye exam every year. Even if your glasses seem to be working fine, your prescription may need adjustments that only a complete eye exam can reveal. Check the calendar—and then check your eyes.