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Cheap prescription glasses online? Really?

How often have you visited your optician in need of a new pair of eyewear only to be fazed by the fortune you have to spend? More than often, you will have to change your frame for various reasons such as your prescription needs updating, wear and tear of the frame or lenses with time, or quite simply, you just want a new pair of glasses.

All these come at a price which can be bulky on your budget. That begs the question: how and why are our prices lower compared to what you find at your optician’s? Is it because the frames and lenses we offer are of any lesser quality? Or they are not authentic? Quite simply, no.

At, we believe that glasses can change the way you look and feel about yourself. We are here to assist you in every possible way and deliver to you truly authentic glasses and sunglasses. Unfortunately, when the supply chain is complex and involves more intermediaries, the cost is higher. This is why by adopting a leaner supply chain we can provide all our customers high quality products at a fair price. The lesser the fingers in the pie, the lesser are the costs incurred by us and the more you get to benefit.

Therefore, not only we offer you with a premium quality frames, but you benefit from a lower price comparable to none.

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